Affordable luxury footwear that is comfortable with versatile, interchangeable multi-height heels, soles and uppers. Simply change the design and give your shoes a new look in seconds.


Heel Today, Sole Tomorrow

Serra Montagna will have a complete line of high to low heel from one pair of shoes, which includes slingback, sandals, and boots made from vegan leather, where women can transform their heel and upper design with different look and occasion. The shoes come with a 2-inch and 3.5-inch heel height with a push of a button providing endless fashion possibilities. 


 "Our patent-pending high heels footwear can be transformable to low heels, or interchanged with multi-height heels and design with a secure built-in mechanism, with a push of a button. A drawstring bag is also included to carry parts when they are not in use."

8.12cm Chunky High Heels

8cm High Heels

Extra Heel 6cm

Covered 4.12cm Low Chunky Heel

6.5cm Medium Stiletto Heel

6.5cm Medium Chunky Heel




Sun Burst

Sun Burst is our first ever slip on shoe for those of you who don’t like the hassle of buckles. Sun Burst is a beautiful mule that actually stays on your foot when you walk and it’s a great model for the warm weather, whether you are planning on being lazy or busy or both. The upper and sole is detachable so you can mix and match!

Ariel Slingback

Ariel Slingback is handmade from environmental friend materials, a style I love as much for its beauty as for its hold. Our model with its laced upper is made by vegan leather will make you feel all dressed-up. Ariel Slingback is a great choice for those long days that turn into long nights. The upper design is detachable so you can mix and match! Made by hand in Italy.


Naffie Pumps

Naffie Pump Is a perfect pump for anyone on the run. It is comfortable, timeless and a great fit. Made by hand in Italy. The Architectural heel is laser cut from plywood and covered with vegan leather.

Berrem Ankle Boots

Berrem ankle bootie is an iconic fringe bootie which is perfect with any heel height in any colour or finish. Made by hand in Italy.

berrem-side (1).jpg


Nomad is guaranteed to stay firmly on your feet when you walk. If you have tiny little heels this is the sandal for you. Made by hand in Italy.



Bow Slingback is characterized by expert craftsmanship, elegant slingback with bow detail, and luxurious fabric.

Our concept is to pick and choose so that you can design from any pair of shoes. 

Personalise your own detachable upper

Personalise your own detachable upper

Screwdriver Keychain 


Before Serra Bah was CEO of Euphoria Spa and fashion model, she was a young lady in London captivated by her mother’s shoe collection. She was fortunate to have grown up with a mother who was a fashion icon – Miss Gambia in 1988. A reflection of her mother, she went on to become Miss England Northampton regional heat finalist for Model UK in 2005, after studying performing arts in college. Serra was inspired to create Serra Montagna whilst she and her female cousin were perambulating to secure a cab after a late night out. Her cousin had removed her shoes which was becoming painful on her feet.

Due to the cousin's inattentiveness, she had inadvertently walked straight into a broken glass on the street, creating a major wound to her foot. “On numerous occasions, I have been witness to similar situations with different women during my nights out”.

Needless to say, she was inspired to take action. “I wanted to create a concept that will inspire and empower women and assist them from having to endure the same fate in the future”. After years of experimenting and still seeing very expensive and uncomfortable shoes in the industry that are well made and crafted, Serra commenced to create potential designer shoes with interchangeable heels, sole, and upper – with insole comfort cushion. Her creation comes from everything around her, a number of references culminating together to make shape and colour. 

“For me, fashion is not always about what I see on everyday women, it’s about furthering women’s imagination into colors and allowing them to be animated and go beyond traditional boundaries. Shoes are there for you to be bold and make a statement”. she quoted.

Serra Bah



SM shoes are only available to buy in full and half sizes*

Please be aware that all heel heights provided are approximate only


*Subject to availability

At Serra Montagna, we pride ourselves on exceptional quality. From the initial concept to the final product, our attention to detail is second to none. All of our shoes have a unique footbed to help support the heel bone with multiple support cushions - to enable difficulty for the foot to slide forward in the shoe. Serra Montagna has set the bar innovation and delivery. Explore our site and see for yourself. We love our work, and we're sure you will too!

Serra Bah

President and Founder

+44 (0)73 084 690 86

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