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Serra Montagna is the only interchangeable shoe brand in the world that allows the wearer to interchange both heel and upper elements of the shoe. Our shoes combine two very high-tech construction technologically advanced formulations with on-trend expertise and modern-day fashion. The interchangeable heel and upper that allows innovation, versatility and elegance for every woman.

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Overall Ultra memory Foam Insole

Our Patent-pending technology design starts with an Overall Ultra Memory Foam Insole which includes support to protect the “pain point”, shock Protection at the base of the big toe, push button to detach the heel, flexibility to provide arch support and help prevent back pain, deep heel cup to support the heel bone.

The technology behind the design treats the structure and aesthetics with equal importance as evidenced by the double lock clasp to change the upper to give versatility to our customers. The memory form provides further targeted support and keeps your feet feeling great all day.

Green Plants

Our planet is our home, and consumerism is destroying it bit by bit. When you chose to order custom made shoes from our designer collections you are choosing less energy loss, less production waste, and less environment pollution.

The reason why? 40% of the fashion items manufactured are never worn or used. We prefer a pre-order system for responsible consumption to regulate inventory and avoid throwing away overproduction.

Our Supply chain focuses on building a business that is sustainable from both an environmental and economic point of view

  • Handmade shoes from natural products to be energy efficient

  • Short supply chain direct to our customers to minimise pollution 

  • Customised build directly for our customers to avoid over production



Before Serra Bah was a fashion model and the CEO of Euphoria spa, she was a young woman in London England captivated by her mother's stylish sensibilities. Especially, her shoe collection.

Serra Bah is a trailblazer, obsessed with the history of objects, shapes, and colours, firmly believing that an object’s value is persistently enhanced over time.


Her shoes explore the sense of touch through a variety of recycled materials and textures, encouraging engagement in order to allow for constant evolution of the relationship between the wearer and what is worn. With an unprecedented look and feel, her tactile shoes are the result of a complex, handcrafted manufacturing process and extensive research.


One evening after a late night out with her cousin, Serra was in the process of hailing a taxi, when she noticed her cousin had removed her shoes due to pain on her feet. As they neared the slowing taxi, her cousin, due to being inattentive had inadvertently walked straight into a broken glass creating a major wound to her foot. The incident would further nurture the seed of an idea that had previously been planted during her days as a model.

"For me, fashion is not always about what I see on everyday women, it's about sparking women's imagination. By allowing women to play with the colours, shapes, and functions of a single pair of shoes.

SERRA MONTAGNA enables the modern woman to make a bold statement with a new level of freedom, versatility, and elegance." 

Serra Bah


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